Be a part of the movement that helps change how we see and treat mental illness. RethinkBPD.

Our character-driven documentary is looking for people willing to share their stories and experience with Borderline Personality Disorder. As a documentary intending to air on national television and have extensive DVD distribution, sharing your story is a real opportunity to raise awareness, dispel myths and combat stigma long associated with BPD. If you would like to share your story with us, please email our director, Jesse Sweet ( expressing your interest. We will then set up an off-the-record phone call with you and the producer and/or director. In this initial conversation there is no commitment to participate in the documentary further.

We are looking for people who will be comfortable and open sharing their lives and BPD diagnosis with others, with a potential to reach a national audience.The documentary will be produced with the utmost respect and sensitivity for those we are helping to tell their stories.

  • Amanda
	R. Wang
  • Amanda R. Wang
    Producer & Founder, RethinkBPD
    Amanda is the current organizer of a peer-led support group for BPD in New York City. She has spoken at the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder & Yale University School of Medicine Conference, Borderline Personality Disorder, Trauma, and Resiliency in 2008 and has recently spoken at the BPD Resource Center / New York Presbyterian: The University Hospital of Columbia & Cornell Conference, Adolescent Pathology: Personality Disorders and Comorbidity. Amanda has received her degree from Pratt Institute in Interactive Design & Digital Media.
  • Jesse
  • Jesse Sweet
    Director, RethinkBPD
    Currently a director and writer for the PBS/NOVA series, Human Nature, Jesse has also produced and directed the critically acclaimed African American Lives, which The New York Times hailed, “the most exciting and stirring documentary on any subject to appear on television in a long time.” He has also produced and directed documentaries for PBS and A&E.